Monday, October 12, 2009

Fairtrade Cotton, Kenya

This two-year project aims to improve the lives of small-scale cotton farmers in two of Kenya’s poorest districts, Kitui and Mwingi.

Monday, September 28, 2009

KCGA at The Nairobi International Trade Fair

KCGA will be at the Nairobi show that begins on the 28th of september 2009.
The Nairobi International Trade Fair and Agricutural Show begins today with an increase in the

Number of Exhibitors. Kenya Cotton Growers Association will showcase at the trade fair in the CODA (Cotton Development Authority Stand). with the quest to incorporate more members KCGA will be registering Interested Cotton Farmers at the Show Ground in bid to increae awareness on the Value of cotton in this country.

Despite the slump in the international economies, and a ravaging drought which has affected many parts of the country, organizers say they registered 355 exhibitors, compared to last years 335.

The chairman of publicity at the Agricutural Society of Kenya (ASK) show, Mr Kauli Mwembe, said that while last year the show had 265 local and 70 foreign exhibitors, this year 278 local and 77 foreign exhibitors will be showcasing their products at the fair.

President of the Republic of Kenya Ho,n. Mwai Kibaki is slated to officially open the show on wednesday, 30th September, 2009.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Lease of life for Meru Ginnery in Sh53m Funding

Meru Ginnery could get a new Lease of life following fresh efforts to boost cotton production. It is set to get Sh53.2 million from the world bank-funded matching grant fund programme seeking to revitalise the cotton sub-sector by uplifting more than 5,000 cotton growers technical know-how and double production to 800kgs/ acre. Other ginneries that have benefited from the programme are Mwea and Makueni. Although Meru and Tharaka ginneries have capacity of eight million kilogrammes of seed cotton per season, only one million was ginned last year.
When the farmers embarked on cotton production in 1970's, production was as high as 1,000 kgs/ acre.

Agricultural experts say a well grown rainfed acre of cotton can produce upto 1,200 kilos.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Increasing African Cotton Markets in Asia

The Chairman of the KCGA Executive Board Mr. Dennis M. Ochwada [pictured] is currently attending a Cotton Training Workshop in Beijing, China At the International Trade Center.
The theme of the conference is "Increasing African Cotton Market in Asia." we thank ITC (International Trade Center) for facilitating this trip that will see KCGA gain more in the Cotton Industry.
This Follows immediatley after an AGRITERRA sponsored Workshop Held in Machakos, Kenya between 6th-11th of september that focused on creating a Strategic Plan for KCGA 2009/2010-2015. Updates on the workshop will be posted on this blog.

Friday, September 11, 2009

About Kenya Cotton Growers Association

Kenya Cotton Growers Association [KCGA] was formed in the year 2000 as the only national cotton farmers representative body. KCGA is an umbrella body of district cotton farmers group.Its membership is made up of District level associations which inturn bring together grassroot farmer groups in their various forms. The objective of KCGA is to provide an advocacy voice for the cotton farmers in furtherance of their interests by advising, lobbying and making representations to other stakeholders on matters of policy, legislation, financing and other matters of concern in the cotton industry; to facilitate an inclusive, participatory and consultative forum for all farmers in matters concerning cotton.

KCGA Strategic Planning Workshop

Kenya Cotton Growers Association (KCGA) with the help of AGRITERRA held a Strategic Planning workshop at the Machakos ATC from the 6th to 11th September 2009.

The purpose of the workshop was to draft a Strategic Plan for KCGA for the year 2009/2010-2015.

Farmers leaders from different cotton growing areas in Kenya that include ;
Lamu, Kisumu, Kitui, Homabay, Tharaka, Mbeere, Bungoma, Busia, Teso, Taita Taveta, Rarieda, Rachuonyo, Malindi and others were invited to contribute towards drafting of the new Strategic Plan.
To assist the farmers in the process KENFAP (Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers) and ASCU (Agricultural Sector Coordinating Unit) sent Charles Mbuthia and Nicholas Karuku respectively.
Also to facilitate and train the farmers in the SP (strategic plan) was Tom Dienya (Maseno University) and economist Simon Gicheru (Ministry of Agriculture). The two facilitators took the farmers and other participants through the program for the five days.

It was during this workshop that KCGA mission , vision and core values were defined and used as a guide throughout the meeting. Challenges facing cotton farmers were highlighted and strategies put forward to tackle these problems with the purpose of elevating the cotton industry in Kenya.

In the SP workshop the KCGA members through a Special Annual General Meeting elected a new KCGA board. The board members include;
• Chairman: Maj. Dennis M. Ochwada.
• Vice Chairman: Mr: Wilfred Lesilale.
• Treasurer: Mr. Tom Awara.
• Secretary: Mr. Albert Chebyegon.
• Ass. Secretary: Mrs. Monicah Mkamachi.
• Board member: Mrs. Mary Mutoka.
• Board member: Mr. Moses Mugwate.
• Board member: Mr. Daniel Magondu.
• Board member: Mr. Stephen Mwanzi.

The KCGA workshop was a success with the completion of the draft document. The publication and distribution of the Strategic plan is expected in the beginning of next year. The KCGA staff and board would like to thank those who participated in the workshop and also the sponsor AGRITERRA for their support in this process.